5 Ideas for Remodeling Your Attic Into a Functional Room

Free Tips from a Creative Residential Remodeling Contractor

Today, we have decided to show you more of the creative side of our remodeling specialists and tell you how you can upgrade the attic space that you normally use for storage only. If you want to learn more about the ideas which our residential remodeling contractor shared, read this post to its very end!

Remodeled attic

  1. Attic game room for children. If your children like to play but the weather outside is not good, you can always send them to their game room. What if they don’t have one? Why not create it in your attic? Even the smallest attic has enough space to fit a few kids and their toys, so go for it!
  2. Attic home movie theater. Most attics do not have any windows, this makes them ideal for creating a home theater without investing in window treatments. Just ask your residential remodeling contractor to insulate the space a bit better and you are ready to invite guests at home every time you want to have a nice movie night.
  3. Attic office for people working from home. Creating a cozy little work room in your home, away from different distraction factors, is an effective solution if you want to become more productive.
  4. Attic library. Your attic can become a nice and peaceful place where you can read. Just get it painted in a relaxing color, install hardwood floors and a few solid shelves and you will have your own little library. Of course, do not forget to insulate the roof moisture and find a comfy armchair to sit while reading.
  5. Attic art space/atelier. If your attic is with high ceilings, you can absolutely transform it into atelier where you can create different handmade works or art or paint if you have artistic hobbies and need space for them. You will no longer have to clean the entire house after you have made a mess while creating art, an attic atelier can be the perfect room for you to create all your work without being worried that you will have to clean all the time.

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