How to Design a Remodel for a Modest-Size Kitchen

Our Home Remodeler Knows How to Help You
Take the Right Measurements When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Today, we are going to share with you a simple plan on designing your “kitchen triangle” (the area between your storage, sink, and food prep countertops) when you have a modest-sized kitchen. Here are the tips of our home remodeler on how to create a compact cooking space.

Modest-Size Kitchen remodeledYour kitchen has 3 main functions:

  • It is a food storage
  • It is a place where you prepare your food for cooking
  • It is a place for cooking food

We will discuss each of them in this post in order to help you take the right measuring before you begin your kitchen remodeling project. Of course, we are just offering you a short guide and do not imply any rules which you must stick to when upgrading your home.

  • Storage space. Our home remodeler highly recommends that you place your fridge and dry food storage cupboards next to the entry point of your kitchen. You can also place your pantry there (the place to store your brooms, paper towels, and other important kitchen supplies). Don’t forget to leave some space for your pans, measuring utensils, bowls, etc.
  • Preparation space. It is ideally located around the sink. There you can place the dishes and glasses you intend to use every day, as well as the dishwasher. For this area you will need at least 32 – 37 inches. If the space in your kitchen allows you to be more creative, you can build some additional preparation space by adding an island with a separate sink.
  • Cooking space. This one needs to be at least 25 inches on each side of the cooktop in order to serve its functional purposes. If you have more space, you may also add some cupboards for breadboards and potholders there.

Of course, in order to make sure that all of the kitchen upgrade ideas you have will be transformed into real projects, you need to consult a well trained home remodeler or kitchen remodeling contractor in Birmingham, AL. A-Towne Builders is a good choice for all of you that seek good service quality at reasonable rates.

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