Does Your Outdated Shower Need a Facelift?

Tips from a Professional Bathroom Remodeler on Remodeling a Shower

Remodeling a shower can be at times an extremely hard job to do, especially should the homeowner be lacking in experience. If that;s the case, they should seriously consider leaving their project to a professional bathroom remodeler. However, should the homeowner be determined to do the project themselves, then they should begin by figuring out a realistic budget, and then perform an assessment of what it will do for their home’s resale value. A badly remodeled shower will drastically decrease a homes resale value, and a well installed one will greatly improve a home’s resale value. It is crucial to do shower remodeling using only parts which are compatible or higher quality than those which are already within the bathroom.

When choosing replacement showers or fixtures, try to pick ones which are similar or better quality than the ones you already have. This prevents the remodel from reducing the resale value of your home, and ensure that the fixtures and shower all work properly. When possible, try not to move the existing plumbing, as this will greatly add to the cost of your project, and could lead to some unexpected complications with your project. Should you have to move your plumbing, do so in a way which will consolidate your plumbing within one area, this makes any future repairs easier and cheaper to do, and makes the new installation easier and cheaper too.

While it can be very tempting to purchase new fixtures and showers which are more outlandish in style, try to stay with neutral colors and styles, this will ensure the resale value of your house is not reduced. If you are not intending to sell your home any time in the future, then by all means, feel free to go with brighter colors and more outlandish styles, however, should your house be placed on the market any time soon, consider a remodel which appeals to a broader audience. Light colors like eggshell or white are always recommended.

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