Free Tips on How to Create Room Additions to Help You Work or Study at Home

How to Create a Classroom or a Domestic Office Corner Where You and Your Family Can Work

Did it ever happen to you that you got stuck at home and were unable to travel to work because of poor weather conditions or other unexpected circumstances? In such situations, it is good to have a “ Plan B” – a corner in your home where you can sit and do your work. Unfortunately, not a lot of homeowners do! This is why, the topic of our blog today is related to creating cozy and quiet room additions where you can be alone with your thoughts.

Here are some creative ideas:

  • If you do not need much light to do your work and you have plenty of space under your staircase, you can build a semi-wall next to your stairs for a bit of privacy and put a desk between this wall and the stairs. You can also turn the shelves under your staircase into a nice space to store your books and documents.
  • If your children need space where they can write their homeworks and study undisturbed, you can transform your attic into a nice study with a big rooftop window. Attics usually have enough storage space, so you will not have to worry that their books won’t fit.

No matter what type of room additions you have decided to build, there are a few interior design aspects to have in mind:

  • Consider what the purpose of the office/study room will be, whether anyone else but your family members will use it, and figure out a good layout based on the doors, windows, and plug ins.
  • Ergonomics. Without a comfortable desk and chair, you will not have the right environment. Make sure you get some desk accessories like wrist gel pads, monitor level, etc.
  • In order to separate your home life from work, you definitely need your own working spot. You will not be able to manage your work efficiently if you place your laptop over your dining table and let different household chores distract you.
  • Natural light and sufficient storage space as we have already mentioned are amongst the top factors that should help you select the right place in your home to work or study.
  • The colors around you are also important. Yellow causes frustration, purple provokes romantic feelings, green and red can constantly distract your attention, so you’d better choose colors like orange, blue, and light brown which are proven to boost productivity.

For more tips on creating the perfect room additions for your home office or study room, call A-Towne Builders of Birmingham, AL. We can help you!