Interesting Construction Ideas for Small Mountain Homes

Our Creative Home Remodeler Knows How to Help You Upgrade Your Property with Wood Materials

If you want to create a modern log house or a log room addition to your home in the mountains, you will probably find this post very interesting. Today, our home remodeler intends to show you some innovative construction solutions that will both create a nice aesthetic appeal for your property and will also help you insulate it better by using natural materials.

Home interior with wood panels and fireplaceIf you want to create a nice lodge house addition to your home where your kids can play or where you can relax with your family, we advise you to read this post to its very end. It will give you some details about a unique project you can consider.

  • To form a modern camp-like atmosphere, you can use stacked cord wood to build the walls of your room addition.
  • The insulation qualities of stacked wood will make you feel chilly during the summer days without using air conditioning and will definitely protect you better from the strong winds and the cold climate during the winter.
  • What’s more, with this addition, your home in the mountains will look just like part of the landscape. Isn’t it great to live in a home that matches the natural environment around you?
  • If you use a different palette of wood for each wall of your home addition, you may even make it look more like a piece of art rather than a functional room.

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