Key Measurements to Help You Design a Picture Perfect Kitchen

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Today, we will help all of you that plan to make a full kitchen renovation to sketch the frame of the remodeling project and take all the necessary measurements before calling a residential remodeling contractor.

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Short Guidelines for Taking Key Kitchen Remodeling Measurements

  • Storage for food and cookware. It needs to be designed in a functional way to make sure you save as much kitchen space as possible. Locate your fridge and and dry-goods storage near to the entry point of your kitchen. Make a separate pantry area where you can keep at one place paper towels, brooms and mops, dry goods and other supplies. Consider some drawers as you will need them to store smaller items like utensils, tablecloths, plastic bags, spices, and cleaning materials.
  • Preparation area. If you want to make a smart choice when creating a preparation area, plan to locate it somewhere around the sink. This is usually a counter-top space which is between 18 and 36 inches, where you can keep glasses, dishes and other frequently used items. If you have more space in your kitchen, you can also consider building an island.
  • Cooking area. Position your sink between the storage and the preparation area to create a so called compact work triangle. It should not exceed a space of over 26 feet, as this will make moving between the different areas a hassle free move. Additional tip: If possible, locate the cooking area toward the dining spaces.
  • Some extra dimensions. For the ones who like to calculate everything to the last detail, it is also worth pointing out that a standard fridge space is approximately about 35-36 inches wide and 24 inches deep. When purchasing fridge to match your kitchen counter-tops, pay close attention to the the swing direction of the refrigerator door. You need to make sure it matches your kitchen.

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