Room Addition Design Ideas for 2014

Which Trendy Room Additions You Can Consider for Your Home in Birmingham, AL This Year?

Although building a room addition can be a costly and complex task which does not necessarily pay off in terms of increasing your property’s value, many US families decide to make this step every year. Of course, there are endless types of interesting ideas for room additions that you can choose from.

  1. Domestic gym.

    Room additions domestic gymNowadays more and more people are trying to live a healthy life but that is not possible without practicing sports. Sometimes visiting the local gym takes too much time and is definitely not inexpensive as advertized. This is why creating a gym home addition has become increasingly popular over the last 1-2 years. The most important thing to consider when creating it is that the space you intend to practice sports should be well ventilated. You may even have to connect it to your central AC system.

  2. Climbing wall room.

    Climbing wall roomIf you do not want to attach a climbing wall to the exterior of your home, you can build a small but high-ceiling room where to place it. This sport has gained much popularity and is suitable for both adults and children. You can build several small walls with different levels of climbing, so your kids can enjoy the diversity and develop their love for sports.

  3. Wine cellar.

    Domestic wine cellarVintage style, domestic wine cellars are becoming one of the most popular basement remodeling and room addition choices. Add a dining room to it, and you will have a great place to have dinner with your friends during the cold winter nights. Make sure that your cellar does not have any windows, however, as this will spoil its charm and authenticity.

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