Room Addition Ideas for Closet and Shoe Areas

Top Suggestions for Modern Room Additions by Our Construction Company

luxury interior design in black and whiteSaving space is of major importance when we are constructing an urban home. Sometimes it may be really difficult to fit all your belongings in your single family property unless you do some additions that provide you with more space for the shoes and clothes of your family. In order to help you overcome your problems related to storage space, our construction company will suggest a few modern solutions for closet additions.

1. Sliding shoe drawers are a great addition to a hall closet.
2. A roof shoe rack system is another interesting solution to help you solve your shoe storage problem.
3. Built in ceiling shoe cubes are another smart idea to help you save some space in your hallway. If you do not have a construction company that can build them, you can always find a temporary solution by stacking a few shoe boxes or storage boxes and sticking them to your ceiling.
4. Hide your shoes behind an in-built sliding door painted in the same color as your hallway walls, and none of your guests will suspect that you are actually storing something there. To mimic a wall is a great way to mask your hallway storage space.
5. Hide a window in your hallway that you do not need by building a cabinet into the wall by masking the exterior as well. This is a perfect place to store your shoes and clothes.
6. Create a closet for your kids by building in-wall boxes and painting them in different colors. Each color will fit the clothes and shoes of a certain kid. To make it easier for them to remember, you can also place labels with their names above each color. In general, blue and green are suitable for painting the boys’ closet, while pink and red are more suitable for the girls.

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