Thinking of Getting a Flat Roof on Your New House?

Residential Roofing Repairs on Flat Roofs

A flat roof is a good choice for houses, however, it does need very specific maintenance as any reputable residential roofing repairs company will tell you. A home with a standard roof pitch uses a mixture of shingles and gravity to prevent moisture from coming into a home. Water that stays on a roof for any amount of time does lead to a roof leaking. In a standard roofed house, the pitch of a roof expedites water running off after a rain storm. The shingles stop the water from entering until it runs off.

Flat roofOne way to keep the interior of your house dry should your roof be flat is using rubber roofing material. Rubber roofing is a ply membrane made from synthetic materials. This is fastened to the deck of your roof, using fasteners or glue. The comes in different widths, so you can cover your roof totally, thus eliminating a need for seams. Any seam is prone to leaks when the membrane fails.

Another way to ensure your home is kept dry should you have a flat roof, is using a siphon. It is possible to make a siphon when set on a timer, will work for one minute many times in a day. Should there be water on the roof, the siphon will drain the water once the motor kicks in. Getting rid of standing water immediately after the rain is the best prevention against a roof sprouting a leak.

With all the residential roofing repairs that maybe needed on a flat roof, it makes one think if they are worth all the trouble. In warmer climates, flat roofs are a great choice. They allow people to make use of the space inside a house. You will not lose head room because of the pitch of the roof. Most people use a flat roof as another living area, and make a terrace or garden. Some even install turf on them. The plants will absorb any water before it reaches the rubber roofing material, thus helping to keep it dry.

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