Which Are the Trendiest Room Additions in 2014?

Adding space to a property has become one of the top home remodeling projects which owners and tenants alike do this year. After painting and hardwood floor installation, room additions are the third most popular home upgrade project. This is probably due to the fact that it brings the highest return on investment (ROI), especially for the ones who intend to sell their property. Here is a short list of the trendiest remodeling solutions:

  • Upgrading a basement into a game room for kids and their parents alike.
  • Turning a basement into a band rehearsal room or a home recording studio. A basement is ideal for this as it is one of the best sound-insulated places in your home.
  • Transforming a spacious attic into a cozy home office. Now that there are so many options for freelancing, having such space in your home where you can isolate yourself from noise and other distracting factors is a must.
  • Adding an extra storage room or closet. You can again use your attic or basement space for that or build a separate shed.
  • Adding a laundry room where you can place your laundry machine and clothes dryer, as well as containers for your dirty clothes or washing products is a great convenience for full-time working housewives.