Vinyl Siding vs. Stucco Siding – Our Remodeling and Roofing Service Team Knows the Answer

The siding style and material you choose for your home are extremely important, especially if you want to decrease your heating and cooling bills by increasing the energy-efficiency of your home. There are two basic options you have, so we would like to share a few words about each of them.

Both of these vary in style, cost and maintenance:
Vinyl Siding
– It is more cost effective compared to any other type of siding, which is why it is the most common choice of homeowners around the US.
– It is also very easy to be installed which means that you will not have to invest a lot in remodeling and roofing service fees which a professional contractor will apply.
– It is more durable than stucco and requires less maintenance in the long run.
– This material provides a clean manufactured look.
Stucco Siding
– It requires more time to be installed which means that higher remodeling service fees may be applied.
– It can develop stains or even holes over time which will again have to be professionally fixed, which will cost you extra.
– It has excellent insulation qualities, especially during the winter when the weather is severe.
– Stucco has a more natural appearance because it looks rough.